Activated carbons are normally classified by quality (adsorptive capacity) and granular size, but can also be given product names that usually give reference to :
     - The raw material used in manufacturing the product.
     - Any secondary, or special, processing of the material.
     - The intended application of the end product.


PT. Freeman produces the following range of products from coconut shell charcoal :

     Granular Activated Carbon :
          - Sizes ranging from 4x8 mesh down to 30x70 mesh.
          - Quality ranging from 40% CTC min, up to 60% CTC min.
          - (CTC refers to the Carbon Tetrachloride adsorptive capacity of the carbon).

     Powder Activated Carbon :
          - Milled to 60% min, below 75 micron (200 mesh).
          - Quality ranging from 900mg/g to 1200mg/g Iodine adsorption.

Within this range, PT. Freeman manufactures a series of standard products, specially developed for specific applications. These products, as listed in the table below, are marketed under the trade name of :

Product Code Granule Size Quality Liquid Phase Applications
FCI VPF 48 4x8 USS mesh 40% to 65% Solvent Recovery.
FCI VPF 612 6x12 USS mesh CTC min. De-odorization.
Protective Breathing Equipment.
Air Conditioning Filters.
Cooker Hoods.
Exhaust Air and Gas Purification.
FCI VPF 2050 20x50 USS mesh 50% to 60% Car cannisters.
FCI VPF 3060 30x60 USS mesh CTC min. Cigarette filter tips.
FCI VPF 3070 30x70 USS mesh

Product Code Granule Size Quality Liquid Phase Applications
FCI 612 GRC 6x12 USS mesh 50% to 60% Recovery of Gold and Other Precious Metals.
FCI 816 GRC 8x16 USS mesh CTC min.

Product Code Granule Size Quality Liquid Phase Applications
FCI LPF 814 8x14 USS mesh 40% to 60% Potable Water Treatment.
FCI LPF 816 8x16 USS mesh CTC min. Waste Water/Effluent Treatment.
FCI LPF 830 8x30 USS mesh Dechlorination.
FCI LPF 1030 10x30 USS mesh Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages Decolorization.
FCI LPF 1230 12x30 USS mesh
FCI LPF 1240 12x40 USS mesh Decaffeination.
FCI LPF 2050 20x50 USS mesh Catalyst Support.
FCI LPF 3060 30x60 USS mesh High pressure filtration units.
FCI LPF 3070 30x70 USS mesh
FCI LPF S As FCI LPF Water washed Water washing using fully demineralized water. Applications requiring a very clean product.
FCI LPF SA As FCI LPF Water washed Acid washing with Nitric acid or Sulphuric acid. Applications requiring neutral pH or low ash content.
FCI LPF PP Powder (-200 mesh) 900 to 1200 Iodine min. Water Treatment Decolorization.